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British pronunciation/vˈɜːmɪn/
American pronunciation/ˈvɝmɪn/

small animals or insects that are believed to be destructive and are difficult to handle when they appear in a considerable number

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vermin definition and meaning

What is "vermin"?

Vermin generally refers to a group of small animals that are considered to be pests and are often unwelcome in human habitation or agricultural areas. This group of animals can include rodents such as rats and mice, as well as insects like cockroaches and bedbugs. They are known for causing damage to property, spreading disease, and competing with humans for resources. Vermin can be a serious problem in both urban and rural areas, and many methods have been developed to control their populations, including traps, poisons, and other forms of pest management. Despite the negative connotations associated with the term "vermin," many of these animals are an important part of the ecosystem and serve valuable ecological roles.


an individual who is considered highly dishonest or wicked, often due to their unethical or harmful actions

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The corrupt politicians were widely regarded as vermin by the public due to their exploitation of power for personal gain.
The dictator's regime was notorious for its brutality and disregard for human rights, earning him the reputation of vermin among international observers.
In the eyes of the community, the scam artist was nothing more than vermin preying on the vulnerable and unsuspecting.
Those who engaged in human trafficking were rightly condemned as vermin for their exploitation and abuse of vulnerable individuals.
The fraudsters who targeted elderly individuals for financial gain were seen as vermin by law enforcement officials tasked with combating financial exploitation.
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Meaning of "Vermin"
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