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British pronunciation/ˌʌndəskˈɜːt/
American pronunciation/ˌʌndɚskˈɜːt/

a garment worn underneath a skirt or dress to add fullness and shape

synonyms : half-slip
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underskirt definition and meaning

What is an "underskirt"?

An underskirt is a garment worn underneath a skirt or dress to add volume and shape to the outer garment. It is typically made from lightweight materials such as cotton or nylon and may have additional features such as ruffles or petticoats to create a more dramatic effect. Underskirts come in many different styles, including those that are full-length or knee-length, and those with or without hoops or wireframes to hold the shape of the skirt. They are commonly worn for formal or special occasions and can be paired with a variety of different skirts and dresses to achieve a desired look.

1The outer skirt might be shorter than the underskirt for the same reason.
2The underskirt was made of white silk or satin and embroidered with foliate designs in gold or silver thread.
3Her gown has three components: the bodice, the underskirt, and the overgarment that had a train.
4It was a dress plus underskirts to make them puff out like that-- in this period, a hoop skirt.
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