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British pronunciation/tˈə‍ʊd/
American pronunciation/ˈtoʊd/

any kind of frog that has a dry leathery skin, which is more terrestrial and has shorter hind limbs

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toad definition and meaning

What is a toad"?

A toad is a solitary amphibian with a stout body, rough and dry skin, short legs, and a hopping mode of movement. It typically has a squat appearance, with a distinct head and a pair of prominent parotoid glands behind its eyes, which secrete toxins as a defense mechanism. Toads are well-adapted to terrestrial life and can be found in various habitats worldwide, ranging from forests and grasslands to deserts and wetlands. They are known for their distinct croaking sound, which is often heard during mating season. Toads play an important ecological role by controlling insect populations and serving as a food source for other animals.

Frogs and toads exhibit insectivorous behavior, capturing insects with their sticky tongues.
It was a beautifully serene summer Sunday - the whole neighborhood was calm as toads in the sun.
After the busy work week, I felt calm as a toad in the sun sleeping in on Saturday morning.
Jane was calm as a toad in the sun on her beach vacation, lounging with a book all afternoon without a care in the world.
The old building was once grand, but after years of neglect, it now looks ugly as a toad.
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Meaning of "Toad"
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