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British pronunciation/tˈækɪn/
American pronunciation/tˈækɪn/

a large, stocky, goat-like mammal found in the mountainous regions of Asia, known for its unique appearance and thick coat

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takin definition and meaning

What is a "takin"?

The takin is a fascinating mammal that inhabits the rugged mountainous regions of Asia. It has a stout, muscular body with a unique appearance characterized by a short, stocky build, a large head with a sloping nose, and curved horns. The takin's coat is thick and shaggy, often ranging in color from dark brown to golden or gray, which provides insulation against the harsh mountain climates. Their large, cloven hooves are adapted for navigating rocky terrain, and they are skilled climbers and swimmers. Takins are herbivores, primarily feeding on grasses, leaves, and shrubs. They are known for their social behavior and can be found in small groups or larger herds. Overall, the takin is a fascinating and iconic mammal well adapted to the challenging mountain environments it calls home.

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