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British pronunciation/sˌuːpəsˈɪlɪəs/
American pronunciation/ˌsupɝˈsɪɫiəs/

treating others as if one is superior to them

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supercilious definition and meaning

showing contempt or disdain through an attitude of superiority

synonyms : sneering
1In other words, it's not a completely supercilious argument, sort of "God is brought into being the same way objects that we make use of are brought into being."
2Malvolio is a supercilious, officious jerk with delusions of grandeur, but he never gives up.
3After all, this could come off as supercilious and pedantic, and might cause your interlocutor to be fractious.
4Pride loves itself, and treats those beneath it with supercilious contempt, for love of self and contempt for others are always found together in equal degrees, so that the greater the self love, the greater the arrogance.
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