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British pronunciation/stˈɪŋɡɹe‍ɪ/
American pronunciation/stˈɪŋɡɹeɪ/

a large sea fish of the ray family that has a long toxic spine at the base of its tail

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stingray definition and meaning

What is a "stingray"?

A stingray is a fascinating marine creature known for its flat body and long, whip-like tail armed with venomous spines. They inhabit tropical and subtropical waters, often found near the ocean floor. Stingrays have a distinctive diamond or disc-like shape, with their eyes and spiracles (respiratory openings) on the top side of their bodies. They use their pectoral fins to gracefully glide through the water, sometimes appearing as if they are flying. While most stingray species are harmless to humans, some possess venomous spines that can cause painful injuries if stepped on or touched. These rays are typically docile and prefer to avoid confrontations, burying themselves in the sand for camouflage and protection. Stingrays are opportunistic feeders, preying on a variety of small fish, mollusks, and crustaceans. They play an important ecological.

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