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British pronunciation/skˈuːɐ/
American pronunciation/skˈuːə/

a large brownish seabird that feeds on the fish which it sometimes steals from other birds that are carrying it

synonyms : bonxie
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skua definition and meaning

What is a "skua"?

A skua is a predatory seabird known for its aggressive nature and skilled aerial maneuvers. With a sturdy build, dark plumage, and sharp, hooked beak, the skua is a formidable hunter of the open ocean. Skuas are opportunistic feeders and often engage in kleptoparasitic behavior, stealing food from other seabirds. They are adept at chasing and harassing other birds, forcing them to drop their catches. Skuas also scavenge on carrion and engage in piracy, preying on weaker birds to steal their food. These birds are highly territorial, fiercely defending their nesting sites and engaging in aerial battles with intruders. Skuas breed in the high latitudes of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, often nesting on remote islands and tundra regions. Their remarkable flying abilities and predatory nature make them a fascinating and powerful presence in the world of seabirds.

1On 13 June 1940, a squadron of Skua dive bombers was intercepted trying to reach and bomb the German battleship Scharnhorst.
2Chicks are equally at risk and must be protected from the prying eyes of the skua.
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