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British pronunciation/ʃˈi‍əwɔːtɐ/
American pronunciation/ʃˈɪɹwɔːɾɚ/

a mid-sized oceanic bird of the petrel family with long wings that flies close to the water

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shearwater definition and meaning

What is a "shearwater"?

A shearwater is a seabird known for its impressive aerial skills and long-distance migrations. These graceful birds have streamlined bodies and long wings, allowing them to effortlessly glide and maneuver over the ocean surface. With their slender, pointed bills, they feed on fish, squid, and other marine organisms. Shearwaters are highly adapted to life at sea and spend most of their lives on the open ocean, only returning to land for nesting. They are skilled flyers, capable of flying for long periods without flapping their wings, using the power of the wind to their advantage. Shearwaters are often seen in large flocks, gracefully skimming the waves as they search for food or navigate vast distances during their impressive migratory journeys.

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