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British pronunciation/ʃˈɔːl/
American pronunciation/ˈʃɔɫ/

a long piece of fabric worn over the head or shoulders

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shawl definition and meaning

What is a "shawl"?

A shawl is a versatile piece of clothing, often made of wool or silk, that can be draped over the shoulders and worn as a layering item or accessory. Typically larger than a scarf, a shawl can be square or rectangular in shape and may have fringe or tassels at the edges. Depending on the design and material, a shawl can be worn to dress up an outfit or provide warmth on a chilly day. It can be draped over one or both shoulders or even worn as a headscarf for modesty or cultural reasons. The history of the shawl dates back centuries, with various cultures and regions creating their own styles and techniques for weaving or embellishing these versatile pieces.

The lace shawl had such intricacy in its floral stitch pattern.
The artisan carefully fringed the shawl with colorful threads to create a bohemian look.
Inspired by a vintage pattern, she is crocheting an intricate lace shawl for a special occasion.
Knitting the lace shawl was a labor of love because of the yarn's intricate stitch pattern.
Her shawl draped elegantly over her shoulders, its triangular shape adding a touch of sophistication to her outfit.
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Meaning of "Shawl"
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