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British pronunciation/bˈe‍əskɪn/
American pronunciation/bˈɛɹskɪn/

a military hat made of black fur that is tall and is worn by some British soldiers on special ceremonies

synonyms : busby
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bearskin definition and meaning

the pelt of a bear (sometimes used as a rug)

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1Specifically, it's one made of bearskin worn by Ötzi the Iceman.
2We had just gotten out of the stone knives and bearskins area, and we were into where we actually had a printed savings book.
3In an apparent side hustle, Carl created and delivered a bearskin rug to the Playboy Mansion, which was located here in Chicago at the time.
4His cloak was made out of woven alpine swamp grass and his hat was a fancy bearskin cap that even had a chinstrap to keep it in place.
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