Sense of humor
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British pronunciation/sˈɛns ɒv hjˈuːmə/
American pronunciation/sˈɛns ʌv hjˈuːmɚ/

one's ability to say funny things or be amused by jokes and other things meant to make one laugh

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sense of humor definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "sense of humor" and when to use it?

The origin of the term "sense of humor" can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman philosophers who explored the concept of humor and its effects on human emotions. It is commonly used in conversations, articles, and discussions about comedy and human interaction. It describes how someone finds things funny and uses humor to connect with others and create a positive atmosphere.

He was known for his ribald sense of humor, often pushing the boundaries of decency in his jokes.
Despite his age, his juvenile sense of humor often left others feeling exasperated.
His witty sense of humor and quick remarks are always aimed at lightening the mood during meetings.
Despite being labeled as eccentric, his quirky sense of humor endeared him to his friends and colleagues.
John's dry sense of humor catches people off guard with his deadpan one-liners.
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Meaning of "Sense of humor"
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