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British pronunciation/ɹˌɪɡɐtˈə‍ʊni/
American pronunciation/ɹɪɡəˈtoʊni/

a variety of pasta formed in short tubes

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rigatoni definition and meaning

What is "rigatoni"?

Rigatoni is a tube-shaped pasta with ridges running along its exterior. The large and sturdy design of rigatoni makes it ideal for capturing and holding onto sauces, making each bite burst with flavor. Its wide diameter and ridged surface create a textured eating experience, ensuring that every mouthful is satisfying. Whether served in a creamy sauce or baked in a cheesy casserole, rigatoni's shape allows it to shine as a hearty and versatile pasta option.

1The hollow center of rigatoni allows it to hold robust sauces and fillings.
2Rigatoni is ideal for baked pasta dishes like rigatoni al forno with melted cheese on top.
3We need rigatoni.
4And these ones here are rigatoni.
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