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British pronunciation/pɹˈa‍ɪme‍ɪt/
American pronunciation/ˈpɹaɪˌmeɪt/

any mammalian animal that belongs to the same group as humans, such as monkeys, apes, lemurs, etc.

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primate definition and meaning

What is "primate"?

Primates refers to a diverse group of mammals that share several unique characteristics, including a large brain relative to their body size, opposable thumbs or toes, and forward-facing eyes with depth perception. Primates can be found living in many different habitats, from tropical rainforests to savannas and even deserts. They are known for their complex social behavior, communication skills, and adaptability. Some of the most well-known primates include monkeys, apes, and humans. Many species of primates are threatened with extinction due to habitat loss, hunting, and other human activities, making conservation efforts critical for their survival.


a senior clergyman and dignitary

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1So that gives primates their first advantage over other species.
2Primates move their eyes at that rhythm.
3Primates smell totally different than any other mammal.
4Primates live for a long time.
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