Bad blood

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British pronunciation/bˈad blˈʌd/
American pronunciation/bˈæd blˈʌd/
Bad blood

a strong feeling of bitterness or hatred toward someone because of a past dispute or disagreement

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bad blood definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "bad blood" and when to use it?

The origin of the idiom "bad blood" is rooted in the belief in traditional medicine and folklore that associated certain physical and emotional conditions with the quality of one's blood. It was believed that having "bad blood" could lead to various health problems and even impact a person's temperament, causing them to be irritable or prone to conflict. This expression is commonly used in discussions related to personal relationships, family feuds, rivalries, and even broader societal or political conflicts where there is a history of animosity.

The family reunion was awkward due to the bad blood between two estranged siblings.
The history of bad blood between the two nations made diplomatic negotiations challenging.
In the competitive business world, there's often bad blood between rival companies vying for the same market share.
Despite their efforts to reconcile, there was still bad blood between the two neighbors after the property dispute.
The political debate was tense, with the candidates displaying bad blood stemming from previous clashes.
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Definition & Meaning of "Bad blood"
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