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British pronunciation/fˈɑːɹɪŋks/
American pronunciation/ˈfɛɹɪŋks/

(anatomy) the passage in the throat that connects the mouth to the gullet

synonyms : throat
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pharynx definition and meaning

What is "pharynx"?

The pharynx is a muscular tube located behind the nasal cavity, mouth, and larynx in the human body. It serves as a common passage for both air and food, playing a crucial role in the respiratory and digestive systems. The pharynx facilitates the movement of air from the nasal cavity and mouth into the trachea, allowing for breathing and speech. It also aids in the process of swallowing by directing food and liquids from the mouth into the esophagus. The pharynx is divided into three regions: the nasopharynx, oropharynx, and laryngopharynx, each serving distinct functions in the body. It serves as a vital connection between the respiratory and digestive systems, allowing for the exchange of air and the passage of food, contributing to essential bodily functions.

1The pharynx houses several tonsils.
2So your pharynx gets split.
3The side walls of the screen, that's the pharynx.
4The mouth makes up the horizontal part and the pharynx makes up the vertical part - the bit between the mouth and the voice box.
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