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British pronunciation/fˈæɹə‍ʊz/
American pronunciation/ˈfɛˌɹoʊz/

a tower with a light that gives warning of shoals to passing ships

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pharos definition and meaning
1Three days later, we go to Egypt where archeologists found the lighthouse or Pharos of Alexandria, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, off the Coast of Alexandria, Egypt.
2This is from a database called Pharos, but there's a lot more chemicals than this.
3This new direction was encouraged by Demetrius of Pharos who, after being expelled from his Adriatic dominion by Rome, now argued that Philip should end the Social War, gain control of the Illyrian coast and attack Italy himself.
4By becoming the young boy’s formal regent in this act, Demetrius of Pharos effectively recreated the powerful Illyrian kingdom abolished by Rome in the First Illyrian War.
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