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British pronunciation/ˈæksəlˌɒtə‍l/
American pronunciation/ˈæksəlˌɑːɾəl/

a neotenic aquatic salamander native to Mexico, known for its unique appearance and critical status as an endangered species

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axolotl definition and meaning

What is an "axolotl"?

An axolotl is a unique aquatic salamander known for its neotenic features, such as retaining its larval characteristics throughout its adult life. It has a fascinating appearance with a long, slender body, feathery external gills, and a wide mouth. Native to Mexico, the axolotl is found primarily in freshwater lakes and canals. It possesses remarkable regenerative abilities, capable of regrowing lost limbs and even parts of its heart and spinal cord. The axolotl is an important organism in scientific research due to its regenerative properties and its ability to provide insights into developmental biology and tissue regeneration. Unfortunately, the species is critically endangered in the wild, primarily due to habitat loss and pollution, making conservation efforts crucial for its survival.

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