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British pronunciation/hˈa‍ʊnd/
American pronunciation/ˈhaʊnd/

any dog with a sharp sense of smell or sight that can run fast, used for hunting

synonyms : hound dog
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hound definition and meaning

What is a "hound"?

A hound is a type of hunting dog that is specifically bred and trained for tracking and pursuing game, typically using their keen sense of smell. Hounds are known for their ability to pick up and follow scent trails, often for long distances, in order to locate and chase down game animals such as deer, rabbits, or other small game. Hounds come in various breeds, each with its unique characteristics, including scent hounds, sight hounds, and coursing hounds. They are often used in hunting, search and rescue, and law enforcement activities. Hounds are known for their keen sense of smell, endurance, and stamina, making them well-suited for tracking and chasing game in diverse terrain and weather conditions.


someone who is morally reprehensible

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to hound

to constantly chase, pressure, or follow someone to gain or achieve something

synonyms : hunt
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1In our office politics, Sally always tries to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, telling both the clerical workers and the management that she thinks they should prevail.
2Many have criticized the government of running with the hare and hunting with the hounds regarding the territorial dispute between the two nations.
3Hounding my property agent.
4I just hound people.
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