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British pronunciation/hˈɜːbɪvˌɔː/
American pronunciation/ˈɝbɪˌvɔɹ/, /ˈhɝbɪˌvɔɹ/

any animal that only feeds on plants

synonyms : herbivorous
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herbivore definition and meaning

What is a "herbivore"?

A herbivore is an animal that feeds mainly on plants and other vegetation. These animals have digestive systems that are adapted to break down and extract nutrients from plant material. Herbivores can be found in various animal groups such as mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, and fish. They play a crucial role in the food chain by converting plant material into energy and serving as prey for carnivorous animals. Some common examples of herbivores include cows, horses, rabbits, elephants, and many species of birds. While herbivores may consume different types of plants depending on their diet, they tend to have teeth and jaws that are specialized for breaking down tough plant matter and often have long digestive tracts to allow for the slow breakdown and absorption of nutrients.

1Sheep are herbivores.
2Cows are herbivores.
3These guys are herbivores.
4Most herbivores supplement a leafy diet with higher energy foods like fruit and seeds.
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