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British pronunciation/hˈɑːfslˈɪp/
American pronunciation/hˈæfslˈɪp/

an undergarment worn underneath a skirt or dress, covering the lower half of the body and typically ending at or just above the knee

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half-slip definition and meaning

What is a "half-slip"?

A half-slip, also known as a waist slip or underskirt, is a garment worn underneath a skirt or dress to provide a smooth, even silhouette. Unlike a full slip, a half-slip only covers the lower half of the body, typically ending at or just above the knee. Half-slips may be made from a variety of materials, including cotton, nylon, or silk, and may feature lace or other decorative embellishments. They are designed to prevent clothing from clinging to the body or bunching up and to provide a modest layer between the body and outer garments. Half-slips are commonly worn for formal occasions, work attire, or to enhance the look of a dress or skirt.

1- In one scene, we see that Peggy wears a short half-slip and seemingly no girdle. -
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