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Evening dress

British pronunciation/ˈiːvnɪŋ dɹˈɛs/
American pronunciation/ˈiːvnɪŋ dɹˈɛs/
Evening dress

a long, formal dress typically worn to special occasions or events in the evening

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evening dress definition and meaning

What is an "evening dress"?

An evening dress is a formal dress typically worn to events that require formal or semi-formal attire, such as weddings, black-tie events, and galas. These dresses are usually floor-length and made of luxurious fabrics such as silk, satin, or chiffon. They often feature elegant details such as beading, lace, or embroidery and come in a variety of styles, from strapless to long-sleeved, with a range of necklines and skirt shapes. The perfect evening dress can make the wearer feel elegant and sophisticated, while also making a statement and turning heads.

1You light the last candle, the meal is ready, you're wearing your special romantic evening dress.
2If you appear naked or half-naked, you need to have around you people in strict evening dress.
3So a car that sits idle for 23 hours a day, the evening dress that you wear once and that sits in your wardrobe has high idling capacity.
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