British pronunciation/kˈɔːməɹənt/
American pronunciation/ˈkɔɹmɝənt/

a large aquatic bird with dark feathers, webbed feet, a hooked bill and a throat pouch

What is a "cormorant"?


A cormorant is a waterbird belonging to the family Phalacrocoracidae. With their sleek and streamlined bodies, cormorants are highly adapted for life in and around water. They have long necks, sharp beaks, and webbed feet that make them excellent divers and swimmers. Cormorants are known for their unique fishing technique, where they dive underwater and use their powerful legs and wings to pursue and catch fish. After a successful dive, they emerge with their wings outstretched to dry their feathers, as they are less buoyant than other waterbirds. Their plumage is predominantly dark in color, providing effective camouflage while hunting. Cormorants can be found in various habitats, including coastal areas, lakes, and rivers, where they form colonies and nest on cliffs or in trees. These fascinating birds are often associated with coastal environments and are admired for their remarkable fishing skills and distinctive appearance.

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