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British pronunciation/sɪkˈɑːdɐ/
American pronunciation/səˈkeɪdə/

a large insect of homopterous family that has transparent wings and a wide head, the male of which produces a loud clicking noise

synonyms : cicala
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cicada definition and meaning

What is a "cicada"?

A cicada is a symbol of summer in many parts of the world. With its stout body, large eyes, and transparent wings, it spends most of its life underground as a nymph, feeding on tree roots. After several years, it emerges from the ground as an adult, shedding its nymphal exoskeleton and revealing its beautiful wings. The male cicada is especially known for its loud and rhythmic song, produced by specialized organs called tymbals. This sound serves as a mating call, attracting female cicadas. These insects are often seen perched on trees or in tall grass, where they spend their short adult lives feeding and reproducing. The cicada's unique life cycle and distinctive sounds make it a fascinating and iconic creature of the summer season.

1Cicadas have two tymbals, one on each side of their body.
2Cicadas are also really well-loved in Japan.
3Cicadas are also really well-loved in Japan.
4Cicadas have four wings.
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