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British pronunciation/ʃˌændəlˈi‍ə/
American pronunciation/ʃændəˈɫɪɹ/

a decorative light fixture that hangs from the ceiling and usually has multiple branches or arms for holding lights

synonyms : pendant
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chandelier definition and meaning

What is a "chandelier"?

A chandelier is an ornate and decorative lighting fixture typically suspended from the ceiling, often found in elegant and grand settings such as ballrooms, dining rooms, or foyer entrances. It is characterized by its multiple arms or branches, from which numerous light bulbs or candles are hung. Chandeliers are known for their dazzling and opulent appearance, featuring various materials like crystal, glass, metal, or even wood, which may be intricately designed to enhance their aesthetic appeal. Beyond their primary function of providing illumination, chandeliers also serve as eye-catching centerpieces, adding an element of sophistication and luxury to interior spaces.

1We have chandeliers now.
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