Business suit
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British pronunciation/bˈɪznəs sˈuːt/
American pronunciation/bˈɪznəs sˈuːt/

a type of professional attire consisting of a jacket and pants or a skirt

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business suit definition and meaning

What is a "business suit"?

A business suit is a type of men's or women's suit that is typically worn in professional or business settings, such as in the office, at business meetings, or at job interviews. The suit consists of a jacket and trousers or a skirt, usually made of wool or a wool blend in solid, dark colors such as black, navy, or gray. The jacket may feature notched lapels, flap pockets, and a single or double vent at the back, while the trousers or skirt are typically tailored and may feature belt loops or suspender buttons. Business suits are often worn with dress shirts, ties, and dress shoes and are a classic and timeless wardrobe item that can be dressed up or down for a variety of occasions.

The tailor carefully tailored a business suit for the executive, taking precise measurements to ensure a professional fit.
Before leaving the house, he dressed in a business suit for the important meeting.
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Meaning of "Business suit"
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