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Banana fritter

British pronunciation/bɐnɑːnə fɹɪtə/
American pronunciation/bɐnænə fɹɪɾɚ/
Banana fritter

a deep-fried dessert made by dipping sliced bananas in batter and frying until crispy

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What is "banana fritter"?

A banana fritter is a sweet snack made by coating ripe bananas in a batter made from flour, sugar, and spices, such as cinnamon or nutmeg, and then deep-frying them until they are crispy and golden brown. The batter creates a crunchy coating around the soft and sweet banana, creating a delicious contrast in texture and flavor. Banana fritters are a popular snack in many countries around the world, particularly in Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. They can be served as a dessert or as a snack, and are often sprinkled with powdered sugar or served with a sweet dipping sauce, such as honey or caramel.

1There's a school called Westmoreland and Community School in Jamaica, where we taught them how to make banana fritters.
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