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British pronunciation/ɡanaʃ/
American pronunciation/ɡænæʃ/

a rich, smooth, and creamy mixture of chocolate and heavy cream, used as a glaze, filling, or icing in cakes, pastries, and desserts

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ganache definition and meaning

What is "ganache "?

Ganache is a smooth and velvety mixture typically made by combining heated cream with finely chopped chocolate, resulting in a rich and luxurious texture. It is commonly used in pastry and dessert-making, serving as a versatile filling, frosting, or sauce. Ganache adds depth and indulgence to cakes, truffles, and other confections, with variations available using different types of chocolate or flavorings. Its glossy appearance and melt-in-your-mouth consistency make it a favorite among chocolate enthusiasts and a go-to component for creating decadent and irresistible treats.

1The bakery introduced a new layered mousse cake with ganache and raspberry filling.
2She satisfied her sweet craving with sliced strawberries drizzled in glossy ganache sauce.
3- Does ganache count?
4Ganache, what's that?
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