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Fashion show

British pronunciation/ˈfæʃ.ən ˌʃəʊ/
American pronunciation/ˈfæʃ.ən ˌʃoʊ/
Fashion show

an event where fashion designers showcase their latest designs on models walking down a runway to an audience

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fashion show definition and meaning

What is a "fashion show"?

A fashion show is an event where fashion designers showcase their latest collections on a runway or catwalk, usually in front of an audience of industry professionals, journalists, and fashion enthusiasts. Fashion shows are an important part of the fashion industry, providing designers with a platform to showcase their designs, set trends, and generate publicity for their brands. During a fashion show, models walk down a runway or catwalk, wearing the designer's latest clothing and accessories, while music and lighting create an atmosphere of excitement and glamour. Fashion shows may be held during fashion week events in major cities around the world, or they may be standalone events organized by individual designers or brands. Fashion shows may also be live-streamed or recorded for online audiences, allowing a wider audience to experience the excitement of the event.

1Right now, we're sorting the hot climate, and so we're thinking about Fashion Show, which is in Las Vegas, and Lenox, which is a really great mall in Atlanta.
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