Fashion statement
British pronunciation/fˈaʃən stˈeɪtmənt/
American pronunciation/fˈæʃən stˈeɪtmənt/

something unusual or new owned or worn to attract attention to oneself

What is a "fashion statement"?


A fashion statement is a way of expressing one's personal style or fashion sense through clothing, accessories, or overall appearance. It is a deliberate and intentional choice that communicates something about the individual's personality, values, or attitude toward fashion. Fashion statements can be bold and attention-grabbing, or subtle and understated, and can range from a specific piece of clothing or accessory to a complete outfit or ensemble. Fashion statements are often associated with trends, but they can also reflect individuality and creativity. Overall, a fashion statement is a way for individuals to showcase their personality and individuality through their clothing and accessories, and it can be a powerful way to communicate one's style and identity to the world.

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