Morning suit
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British pronunciation/ˈmɔːnɪŋ sjuːt/
American pronunciation/ˈmɔːrnɪŋ ˈsuːt/

a type of men's formal attire worn for daytime formal occasions

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morning suit definition and meaning

What is a "morning suit"?

A morning suit is a type of formal men's attire typically worn for daytime events such as weddings, formal receptions, and other ceremonies. It typically consists of a tailcoat with peaked lapels, a waistcoat, and matching trousers. The coat is typically made of black or dark grey wool and has a long, tapered tail that falls just above the knee. The waistcoat is usually made of a contrasting fabric, such as light grey or cream, and has four to six buttons. The trousers are typically striped or patterned and match the waistcoat. The outfit is usually completed with a white dress shirt, a tie or cravat, and black dress shoes. The morning suit is considered the most formal dress code for daytime events and is often worn by members of the royal family and other dignitaries.

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