treat sb like (a piece of) shit

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British pronunciation/tɹˈiːt ˌɛsbˈiː lˈaɪk ɐ pˈiːs ɒv ɔː ʃˈɪt ɔː dˈɜːt ɔː tɹˈaʃ/
American pronunciation/tɹˈiːt ˌɛsbˈiː lˈaɪk ɐ pˈiːs ʌv ɔːɹ ʃˈɪt ɔːɹ dˈɜːt ɔːɹ tɹˈæʃ/
to treat sb like (a piece of) shit

to not care about someone at all or have absolutely no respect for them

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to [treat] {sb} like (a piece of|) (shit|dirt|trash) definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "treat someone like dirt" and when to use it?

The idiom "treat someone like dirt" has origins rooted in the concept of soil or earth being associated with lowliness and insignificance. Throughout history, soil or dirt has symbolized something base or inferior, while humans have often been linked to higher status and worth. The idiom metaphorically likens a person to the lowly status of dirt, implying that they are being treated with extreme disrespect or disdain. It is commonly employed in discussions related to interpersonal relationships, workplace dynamics, and personal interactions, emphasizing a complete lack of respect, empathy, or consideration for another person's feelings, dignity, or worth.

Despite her dedication and hard work, her supervisor continued to treat her like dirt, constantly belittling her efforts.
He felt hurt and degraded when his colleagues treated him like a piece of trash, ignoring his contributions to the project.
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Definition & Meaning of "To [treat] {sb} like (a piece of|) (shit|dirt|trash)"
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