Open book

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British pronunciation/ˈəʊpən bˈʊk/
American pronunciation/ˈoʊpən bˈʊk/
Open book

a person or a thing that is easy to understand or predict

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open book definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "open book" and when to use it?

The origin of the idiom "open book" can be traced back to the literal act of opening a book and being able to read its contents. The phrase metaphorically suggests that a person is like an open book, readily sharing information about themselves without reservation. While the exact origin of the idiom is unclear, it likely emerged from the idea that a book, when open, reveals its contents and allows others to gain knowledge or understanding. The phrase encapsulates the concept of transparency, honesty, and approachability, emphasizing the willingness of an individual to openly share their thoughts, emotions, or personal experiences without concealing or withholding information. It is commonly used to describe someone who readily expresses their thoughts, feelings, or personal experiences without hesitation.

The company's financial records are an open book, available for anyone to review.
I like working with him because he communicates clearly and is an open book about his goals and plans.
The open book lay on the table, waiting to be read.
With years of experience in the field, he can read his clients like an open book and anticipate their needs.
In the quiet library, the pages of the open book seemed to skim one another as the gentle breeze swept through the room.
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Definition & Meaning of "Open book"
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