shoot the messenger
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British pronunciation/ʃˈuːt kˈɪl blˈeɪm ðə mˈɛsɪndʒə/
American pronunciation/ʃˈuːt kˈɪl blˈeɪm ðə mˈɛsɪndʒɚ/

to put the blame on the person who brings bad news and assume they are responsible for it

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to [shoot|kill|blame] the messenger definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "make a go of something" and when to use it?

The idiom "shoot the messenger" has its origins in ancient historical events and military practices. In times of war, couriers or messengers were crucial for communication between different armies or regions. When a messenger delivered bad news or conveyed unwelcome orders, it was not uncommon for the recipient, who might be angered or upset by the message, to react impulsively and violently by attacking or even killing the messenger. This practice, while ruthless, was aimed at venting frustration on the bearer of bad tidings rather than addressing the underlying issues. This expression is commonly used in discussions involving business, politics, personal relationships, and even everyday life.

When the employees learned about the company's layoffs, they unfairly tried to shoot the messenger, the HR manager who was simply delivering the news.
Instead of addressing the issue, the politician chose to shoot the messenger, accusing the journalist of spreading false information.
The teacher had to deliver the disappointing test scores to the students, and some of them wanted to kill the messenger by blaming her for the low grades.
John had to blame the messenger and tell his friend that the party was canceled due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control.
The CEO refused to listen to the marketing team's warning about a failing product and decided to blame the messenger for their declining sales.
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Meaning of "To [shoot|kill|blame] the messenger"
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