Too close to call
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British pronunciation/tˈuː klˈəʊs tə kˈɔːl/
American pronunciation/tˈuː klˈoʊs tə kˈɔːl/

almost impossible to predict who will win and who will lose, particularly in a competition

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too close to call definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "too close to call" and when to use it?

The idiom "too close to call" is frequently used in the context of competitions, particularly in sports and elections. It signifies a situation where the outcome is so tight or uncertain that it is difficult to predict a winner or make a definitive judgment. The origin of this phrase is not precisely documented, but it has been used for decades to describe close contests or situations where the margin between competitors is minimal.

The race was too close to call until the final seconds when one team scored a winning goal.
The film awards ceremony saw two outstanding performances, and it was too close to call which actor would win the Best Actor category.
With the scores tied in the championship game, it was too close to call who would emerge as the victor.
The outcome of the championship game is too close to call.
The talent competition was so fierce that it was too close to call, and the judges had a tough decision to make.
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Meaning of "Too close to call"
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