come out swinging

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British pronunciation/kˈʌm ˈaʊt swˈɪŋɪŋ fˈɒtɪŋ/
American pronunciation/kˈʌm ˈaʊt swˈɪŋɪŋ fˈɑːɾɪŋ/
to come out swinging

to respond or react to something in a forceful manner

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to [come] out (swinging|fighting) definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "come out swinging" and when to use it?

The exact origin of the phrase "come out swinging" is unclear, as it is a commonly used expression in English language and idiomatic phrases often evolve over time. However, it likely originated from the sport of boxing, where fighters enter the ring and begin a match by throwing punches forcefully and aggressively. The phrase captures the image of a boxer coming out of their corner swinging their fists, ready to engage in a fight with determination and intensity.

Despite the initial setbacks, the author's new book came out swinging with a provocative and thought-provoking opening chapter.
The startup company entered the market by coming out swinging, aggressively targeting their competitors and offering innovative solutions.
The employee faced criticism during the meeting but came out swinging, presenting a well-prepared argument to defend their ideas and contributions.
The underdog team came out fighting in the championship game, surprising everyone with their aggressive and relentless play.
In the heated political debate, the candidate came out swinging, attacking their opponents' policies and presenting their own vision with passion and conviction.
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Definition & Meaning of "To [come] out (swinging|fighting)"
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