carry a tune

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British pronunciation/kˈaɹi ɐ tjˈuːn/
American pronunciation/kˈæɹi ɐ tˈuːn/
to carry a tune

to produce correct musical sounds by one's voive voice

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to [carry] a tune definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "carry a tune" and when to use it?

The idiom "carry a tune" likely originates from the world of music and singing. To "carry a tune" means to be able to sing in tune, stay on key, and produce pleasing musical notes. This phrase has been in use for centuries, as music has always played an essential role in human culture and communication. This expression is used to describe someone's ability to sing in a way that is pleasing to the ear and stays in tune with the melody. It is often used in a positive context to compliment someone's singing skills.

His ability to carry a tune made him the lead singer of the band.
Unfortunately, I can't carry a tune to save my life.
The choir members can all carry a tune exceptionally well.
She has a beautiful voice and can carry a tune effortlessly.
He thinks he's the best singer in the world, but he can't carry a tune.
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Definition & Meaning of "To [carry] a tune"
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