At a push

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British pronunciation/atə pˈʊʃ/
American pronunciation/æɾə pˈʊʃ/
at a push

with difficulty or extra effort

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at a push definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "at a push" and when to use it?

The idiom "at a push" likely originates from the idea of applying force or pressure to make something work or achieve a result. While the exact historical origin is not precisely documented, it is often used in contemporary language to describe situations where individuals are willing to go the extra mile or make an additional effort to achieve something under less-than-ideal conditions.

Although completing the marathon isn't easy for me, I could manage it at a push.
The budget allows for four days of travel, but at a push, we could stretch it to five days if necessary.
I usually need an hour to prepare for presentations, but at a push, I can do it in 45 minutes.
I can finish the project by tomorrow, but it will be at a push, and I'll need to work late into the night.
The room is designed for four people, but at a push, we can accommodate one more person on the sofa.
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Definition & Meaning of "At a push"
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