Long face
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British pronunciation/lˈɒŋ fˈeɪs/
American pronunciation/lˈɑːŋ fˈeɪs/
Long face

a disappointed or sad facial expression

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long face definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "long face" and when to use it?

The origin of the phrase "long face" can be traced back to the early 19th century. The term "long" has long been associated with a sense of sadness or melancholy in various idiomatic expressions. It is commonly employed in everyday conversations, informal interactions, and literature to depict a visible expression of sorrow or dejection. This phrase is often used when discussing or observing someone's emotional state, particularly when they are visibly downcast or lacking enthusiasm.

His long face spoke volumes about his feelings of rejection and heartbreak as he watched his former partner walk away.
Sarah walked into the room with a long face, her shoulders slumped and her eyes downcast, clearly affected by the recent bad news.
The team returned to the locker room with long faces, their dreams of victory shattered by a last-minute defeat.
Despite their attempts to hide it, the students couldn't help but wear long faces after receiving their disappointing exam results.
When I told her we had to cancel our plans, she couldn't hide her long face, clearly disappointed by the sudden change of events.
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Definition & Meaning of "Long face"
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