A hive of activity
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British pronunciation/ɐ hˈaɪv bˈiːhaɪv ɒv aktˈɪvɪti ˈɪndʌstɹˌɪ/
American pronunciation/ɐ hˈaɪv bˈiːhaɪv ʌv æktˈɪvɪɾi ˈɪndʌstɹi/
a hive of activity

a place where many people are very busy

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a (hive|beehive) of (activity|industry) definition and meaning

What is the origin of the idiom "a hive of activity" and when to use it?

The phrase "a hive of activity" is believed to have originated in the early 19th century and is a reference to the frenzied activity of bees in a beehive. It is used to describe a place or situation where there is a lot of activity, energy, and movement and can be used to describe a busy workplace, a bustling city, or any situation where there is a lot of action and movement.

The factory floor was a hive of industry, with workers rushing to meet their production targets.
The newsroom was a hive of activity as reporters rushed to get their stories out before the deadline.
The backstage area was a hive of activity as technicians set up lighting and sound equipment for the upcoming concert.
The park was a beehive of industry on the weekend, with families playing, dogs running around, and people having picnics.
The airport terminal was a beehive of activity as travelers hurried to catch their flights.
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Definition & Meaning of "A (hive|beehive) of (activity|industry)"
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