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Tubular bells

British pronunciation/tjˈuːbjʊlə bˈɛlz/
American pronunciation/tˈuːbjʊlɚ bˈɛlz/
Tubular bells

a percussion instrument consisted of a row of suspended metal tubes that produce a sound similar to that of a bell when hit by a bar

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tubular bells definition and meaning
1We have lots of strings, French horn, lots of percussion, We have the tubular bells and glockenspiel all of that to bring us into the world.
2Oldfield’s album Tubular Bells was one of the biggest selling records of the 1970s, and helped to bankroll Virgin’s early years in the business.
3And his name was Mike Oilfield, his album is called Tubular Bells, and it did well, so that was the start of our record company.
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