Detection dog
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British pronunciation/dɪtˈɛkʃən dˈɒɡ/
American pronunciation/dɪtˈɛkʃən dˈɑːɡ/

a dog that is trained to use its senses to find something particular, such as drugs, explosives, etc.

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detection dog definition and meaning

What is a "detection dog"?

A detection dog is a specially trained canine that is used to detect and alert to the presence of specific substances or objects, such as drugs, explosives, firearms, currency, or other items of interest. These dogs have highly developed senses of smell, and their training focuses on utilizing their olfactory abilities to detect and indicate the presence of the target substance or object. Detection dogs are commonly used in law enforcement, military, customs, border patrol, airport security, and other security or investigative settings. They are trained to accurately locate and alert to the target scent, allowing their handlers to take appropriate actions based on the detection results. Detection dogs are an invaluable tool in various fields for detecting prohibited or dangerous substances, enhancing security measures, and assisting in investigations.

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