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Highland cattle

British pronunciation/hˈaɪlənd kˈatəl/
American pronunciation/hˈaɪlənd kˈæɾəl/
Highland cattle

a breed of horned cattle with a long hairy coat that is originated in Scottish Highlands

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Highland cattle definition and meaning

What is a "Highland cattle"?

Highland cattle, also known as Scottish Highland cattle, are a hardy and distinctive breed of cattle known for their shaggy coats and long, curved horns. They are native to the rugged Highlands and islands of Scotland and are well-adapted to the harsh weather conditions of the region. Highland cattle are known for their docile temperament and are often kept for their meat, milk, and hides. They are recognized for their striking appearance, with their long, wavy hair and distinctive appearance, making them popular as a decorative breed in some regions. Highland cattle are known for their ability to thrive in challenging environments and are valued for their resilience and hardiness.

1Highland cattle were once preyed on by everything from brown bears to packs of wolves.
2These shaggy Highland cattle have evolved to fit the environment.
3These shaggy Highland cattle have evolved to fit the environment.
4Let’s look at the highland cattle out of Scotland, the lion-tailed macaque.
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