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British pronunciation/jˈaʃmak/
American pronunciation/jˈæʃmæk/

a traditional piece of clothing worn by Muslim women that covers the face and is often made of light fabric

synonyms : yashmac
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yashmak definition and meaning

What is a "yashmak"?

A yashmak is a veil worn by Muslim women to cover the lower part of their face, especially the mouth, and nose. It is a traditional garment that originated in the Middle East and was commonly worn by women of high status in the Ottoman Empire. The yashmak typically consists of a long, rectangular piece of fabric that is draped over the head and secured in place with pins or ties, leaving only the eyes visible. The yashmak is usually made of fine silk or cotton and may be decorated with embroidery or lace. While it was traditionally worn as a sign of modesty, today it is more commonly worn as a decorative accessory or as part of traditional dress for special occasions.

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