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White wine

British pronunciation/wˈaɪt wˈaɪn/
American pronunciation/wˈaɪt wˈaɪn/
White wine

a type of wine made from white grapes or from red grapes that have had their skins removed, resulting in a light-colored wine

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white wine definition and meaning

What is "white wine"?

White wine is a type of wine that is made from either white grapes or from red grapes that have had their skins removed before fermentation. This results in a light-colored wine that is typically characterized by its crisp acidity and fruity flavors. White wines can vary widely in style and flavor, depending on the type of grape used, the region where it was grown, and the winemaking techniques used. Some common white wine grape varieties include Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Riesling, among others. These wines can range from dry to sweet, and can have flavors of citrus, tropical fruits, and stone fruits. White wines are often served chilled and are frequently paired with seafood, poultry, and lighter dishes, such as salads and vegetarian fare.

1It's the queen of the White Wine grapes.
2It's mixed cheese with GRUYERE from the french with White Wine.
3The fish is cooked in a Tomato-Based Stock, flavored with SAFFRON and White Wine.
4With the fruit-forward flavor you'd expect from a good chardonnay, this one is produced in Sonoma County, the top growing region for the white wine variety.
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