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White whale

British pronunciation/wˈaɪt wˈeɪl/
American pronunciation/wˈaɪt wˈeɪl/
White whale

a small toothed whale that turns white as it matures and is mainly found in Arctic waters

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white whale definition and meaning

What is a "white whale"?

White whales are small to medium-sized toothed whales known for their striking appearance, with pure white or pale gray skin that lacks the typical dark coloration seen in other whale species. They have a distinctive round head and flexible neck that allows them to turn and tilt their heads in various directions. Beluga whales are highly social animals known for their vocalizations, often called "songs" or "calls." They inhabit Arctic and sub-Arctic regions, and their unique appearance and behavior make them popular subjects of research, conservation efforts, and public fascination.

1We found the white whale.
2It's my white whale.
3Sometimes a person’s biology can cause just as many headaches as a great white whale.
4Sleep, it's my white whale.
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