Whirligig beetle
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British pronunciation/wˈɜːlɪdʒˌɪɡ bˈiːtəl/
American pronunciation/wˈɜːlɪdʒˌɪɡ bˈiːɾəl/

a small aquatic insect with divided eyes that enables it to see both above and below the water surface

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whirligig beetle definition and meaning

What is a "whirligig beetle"?

A whirligig beetle is a unique aquatic insect that belongs to the family Gyrinidae. These small beetles are known for their remarkable ability to move swiftly and gracefully on the water surface. Their distinctive feature is their divided eyes, with one set adapted for seeing above the water and the other set specialized for underwater vision. Whirligig beetles are skilled predators, feeding on insects and small aquatic organisms that get trapped on the water's surface. They are also known for their fascinating behavior of forming large groups or "swarms" that move in synchronized patterns, creating mesmerizing whirls and ripples on the water.

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