blind date

British pronunciation/blˈaɪnd dˈeɪt/
American pronunciation/blˈaɪnd dˈeɪt/

blind date


a date with a person one has not met before

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blind date definition and meaning

What is a "blind date"?

A blind date is a type of social arrangement where two people who do not know each other agree to meet for a date, usually with the help of a mutual friend or a dating service. The purpose of a blind date is to find out if there is any compatibility or attraction between the two people, and possibly start a romantic relationship. A blind date can be exciting or nerve-wracking, depending on how well the two people get along.


a participant in a blind date (someone you meet for the first time when you have a date with them)

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1To go on a blind date.
2And this is called Blind Date.
3Again, one of those people that, this was actually a blind date.
4I'm on a blind date.
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