Vervet monkey
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British pronunciation/vˈɜːvɪt mˈʌnkɪ/
American pronunciation/vˈɜːvɪt mˈʌnki/

a medium-sized Old World monkey with a colorful coat, distinct facial markings, and known for its social behavior and adaptability in various African habitats

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vervet monkey definition and meaning

What is a "vervet monkey"?

The vervet monkey is a medium-sized Old World monkey known for its striking appearance, with a colorful coat and distinct facial markings. Its fur is typically gray or olive-green, with a white belly and a black face framed by a band of white hair around the eyes. Vervet monkeys are highly social animals that live in large troops and are known for their agility and adaptability. They are found in various habitats across Africa, including forests, savannas, and mountains. Vervet monkeys are known for their vocalizations, including a wide range of alarm calls that communicate different types of threats. They primarily feed on fruits, leaves, flowers, and insects, and are known to be opportunistic feeders. Vervet monkeys are considered important in African ecosystems as they play a role in seed dispersal and are prey for many predators.

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