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British pronunciation/tˈɔːɹɐ/
American pronunciation/tˈʊɹɚ/

someone who travels for pleasure

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tourer definition and meaning

large open car seating four with folding top

synonyms : phaeton
touring car
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1The new Supra was no longer a sporty grand tourer but now a pure sports car.
2We reinforced the strength offering more features in comfort, safety and offering a sports tourer for the young family.
3and I see that all the time these days, especially if you bought them on eBay or something, Gary Wilkes says Scotty I'm thinking about buying an Insignia sports tourer what do you think, you live in England I saw tons of them there, their a very popular vehicle, you know there's nothing wrong with buying one if you live in England, if you live in the United States forget it, in Europe
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