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British pronunciation/tˈuːp/
American pronunciation/tˈuːp/

a small hairpiece to cover partial baldness

synonyms : toupee
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toupe definition and meaning
1-Yeah, I was noticing that little toupe.
2Walking down the street on a beautiful summer day, The wind blows and I return a man's toupé I hold the door open for the man and his wife.
3There is no other public figure whose locks have fascinated so many people, and there's a ton of speculation about whether Trump has hair plugs, a toupe, or some kind of transplant that only billionaires can afford.
4It was kind of a sparse tree, and so I actually had to put what I call tree toupe into it and all that is is extra branches that I've actually stuck into the tree and try to make the tree look a lot fuller than it is.
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